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Does my son/daughter have to start in the lowest division?

The JGA is a performance based organization which allows our kids to improve and gain confidence while playing during the summer. By starting in the lowest division we feel this achieves that goal. Kids with tournament experience and also high school players can request an exception to be considered by our Division Committee.

Are pushcarts allowed in JGA tournaments?

Yes! Our courses support the use of pushcarts.  If a course does not, then we will notify you prior to the tournament.

Are rangefinders allowed to be used in JGA tournaments?

Yes! Only the ones that offer yardage, NOT the ones that offer slope information.

How does a player move up to the next division?

Click here to learn more about how to advance divisions.

Can my child continue to play in JGA after they graduate high school?

Yes! We have an alumni division that will tee off in the first tee time slot. Please contact our Director no later than Sunday for arrangements. No awards are given.

Who is eligible for membership in the JGA?

All kids or parents that live, work or attend school in Broward County.

Who determines what division my child is placed in?

Our Division Committee maintains and evaluates scores to determine that they are in the appropriate division.  Remember, It is important they feel what it is like to win and gain confidence before moving to the next division.

Are range balls included in my tournament fee?

It is a course rule which means some charge for balls and some don’t.  Be prepared and always bring money just in case.

How do I take advantage of the free golf clinics?

Just show up! We are so thrilled to be able to work with so many instructors that there are plenty of opportunities to join one of our free golf clinics.  Please check our Facebook page or our website for more information on our Free Clinics.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are for immediate graduates only.  To receive a scholarship the graduated senior must submit a written request to the JGA Board. Please see our website for all of the information on how to apply for a scholarship.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes! All items lost throughout the day should be turned into the scoring table. These items are saved so if you are looking for something you have lost, check at the scoring table first.

What should I do if I see a parent breaking the spectator rule?

This is something that the golfer will come across often.  It is important that all the golfers talk to the other players in regards to rules.  If this should happen, the golfer should discuss it with the other golfers and notify a JGA board member.  It is important for all parents to realize that tournaments are the time for the players to apply all that is practiced.  Talk about the round later!

What should I do if I see a player breaking a rule?

It is important for each player to learn that they are responsible for keeping everyone else honest. Talk to the player, he/she may not be aware that a rule has been broken. Notify a JGA board member if needed.

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