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Membership is required to play in the JGA tournaments. Members may play in as many one-day tournaments as they choose. However, they must play in at least two (2) one-day tournaments to be eligible for the JGA Championships.

Seasonal membership registration is a one-time fee of $75 (plus individual one-day tournament registration and the JGA Championship registration as desired).

Individual one-day tournament registration fees are $15 for each tournament.

The JGA Championship registration fee is $75 total and includes all three (3) days of the tournament.

All members must pass the Rules Quiz prior to registering for tournaments.

Registration Process

You’re Almost There!
You’re almost there!  You’re well on your way to join one of South Florida’s most inclusive, family-fun junior golf organizations!
To complete the registration process, simply click here to register to become a member of JGA for the 2021 season.  Once your registration application is approved, you will receive an email providing you a player’s ID, a link to set up your password, and a link to complete the required Rules Quiz.

Remember, your registration to a tournament will not be accepted until you have passed the Rules Test.  You will be placed on a waiting list until this requirement is complete.

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